How you Differentiate yourself in the
Mind of your prospect...

Positioning is what you do To the mind of the prospect
That is, "you position your outdoor construction product in the mind of the prospect.” 
Positioning is about creating perceptions, opinions and attitudes, 
in the minds of customers, associated with your Outdoor Construction Company Brand.

If you don't understand and use these principles, 
your competitors undoubtedly will.

How do you find an open position in the prospect's mind?
"Look for the hole, then fill it"

You Get 
Multiple Websites

The French have a marketing expression that sums up this strategy rather neatly. 
Cherchez le creneau...."Look for the hole"

The "hole", of course, is not in the product at all. It's in the marketing strategy. The "hole" is in the prospect's mind.

You Get 
Articles with your web address sent to the Media

Cherchez le creneau...."and then fill it"...

"Outdoor Construction News You Can Trust"

Always keep in mind that the objective of publicity is to achieve a position in the prospect's mind.

You Get 
Multiple Live Events

To find a creneau, you must have the ability to think in reverse, to go against the grain. 

Your © Buyer Acquisition System digital assets consist of multiple websites, multiple videos,  multiple live events & press releases to over 200 news outlets. Your name and number dominates your Buyer Intent 
 Keyword Searches.

You Must Look Inside the Prospect's Mind

The basic approach to positioning is not to create something new and different, but to manipulate what's already up there in the mind, to retie the connections that already exist.

The average person will sit still when being told something which he or she knows nothing about. Which is why "news" is an effective advertising approach.

You won't find an "uncola" idea inside a 7 UP can. You will find it inside
the coke drinker's head. 

In positioning a product, there's no substitute for getting there first.

Coke-Cola vs Dr-Pepper

Kodak vs Polaroid

Hertz vs Avis

Harvard vs Yale

McDonalds vs Burger King

Chevrolet / GM

Xerox copiers

IBM computers


All Number 1 in most consumer's Minds.

Now you have found the "Hole in the Mind" of your Outdoor Construction prospects. 

And we hammer the NEWS  idea hard. 

Your © Buyer Acquisition System  digital assets position your name and phone as the Number 1 outdoor construction company in the Online News. You are found everywhere for buyer intent keywords, therefore the Trust Factor goes through the roof. All these digital assets already exist in your city and we can put your name on them within 24 hours.

*The worst thing that could happen is you allow a competitor to take over these assets and leave you looking like just an average installer with a "catalog" style website saying the same thing as everybody else. Therefore losing market share.

You are now number one in the minds of prospects because you were there First with the "Trust and News" angle. Similar to 7 UP's "Uncola". You are now in the Minds of your local Construction Prospects that are searching online for information on your outdoor construction niche.

And your Competitors CAN'T COMPETE 
because you are there FIRST! 

The damage to your competitors has already been done at this point. "In politics and packaged goods, the rule is once a loser, always a loser".

Disclaimer...If you don't do business with us, we are not saying you are a  loser, however you won't be number one in online search results in your city  either.

    Do You Have Enough Money?

    Positioning is difficult when you try to do the impossible. It takes money to create a share of the mind. To establish a position, it takes money. Once you have established a position, it is necessary to maintain it.
    Today, the noise level is high. There are too many Me-Too businesses competing for the prospects' attention. It is becoming harder to get noticed.

    If you don’t spend enough to keep up with the noise-level, you allow the McDonalds / Proctor & Gambles / KFC’s of the world take your idea away.

    You have to keep going. You must persevere year after year. The winning formula is what makes successful businesses great.... "Jake from State Farm"

    Possessing a position in the prospect's mind is similar to owning valuable real estate. It might be impossible to get it back once you have given it up.

    Once it's gone, you're adrift and without an anchor.

    The outdoor construction leader holds the top spot. The prospect's number one position. Positioning is the new game in today's highly connected society.

    Only the best construction players will survive or thrive.

    The role of an outsider. Sometimes the question is: Do we do it ourselves, or hire someone to position our construction company? 

    The "© Buyer Acquisition System" already exists in your  market city. All you need to do is take it over.

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