Your Business Name/Phone is Found Everywhere for 
Buyer Intent Keywords

Multiple Websites

We create multiple Outdoor Construction websites with each one having your Name, Phone, Address, and a Link to your Existing Website. Our websites have what Google wants... baked inside. We gently Seduce Google, Bing, and Yahoo to give your Name and Number to Buyer Intent Searchers. Our goal is to have your Name Dominate the Outdoor Construction Market (City) that you operate in. The Trust and Credibility now goes through the Roof.

Press / News Releases

We create Press / News Releases for your websites and include screenshots on the webpage. Published on well known news outlets, this shows Trust and Credibility for for your website and your name.

Live Events & Videos

We create Videos and Live Stream Events for your Outdoor Construction websites that Rank on Google Page One. This further re-enforces that you must be the Outdoor Construction Installer (in your niche) in town and the one to contact for a quote. You seem to be Everywhere! This creates Trust and Credibility.

What are social signals?

Social signals refer to the likes, views, and shares of social media posts. Search engines and your social followers will see these social shares, likes, and views as a signal that your content is relevant and useful.

Search engines aim to rank and promote content that is engaging and resonates with readers. Although Google doesn't consider social signals an official ranking signal for content, likes, shares and views tell search engines that your content is valuable and high-quality.

A lot of misinformation exists about social signals and how important they are for SEO.

Social signals refer to the interaction between humans and social media posts. These social signals are:

Facebook comments, likes, and shares.
Twitter comments, likes, retweets and quotes.
Pins, views and comments on Pinterest
LinkedIn connections, Links, and References
Followers, comments, and Regrams on Instagram
YouTube views, thumbs-up, and comments

A social post is more visible if it has more likes, shares and views. It will also rank higher in your social media feed.
Search Engines and Social Signals

Social signals are used by search engines to identify high-quality, valuable and useful content.

Although Google doesn't officially consider social signals to be a ranking factor for search results, we do know that backlinks and search intent are ranking factors as well as content quality, freshness, authority, and content quality.

Google will notice that you share content that is search-intent compliant, relevant, authoritative, and fresh. This tells Google that your posts have more social signals, engagement and visibility.

Search signals inform search engines about the popularity, trust, and relevance of the page and content. This can help increase the organic search rank (SEO).

Search engines aim to deliver high-quality content that matches their search criteria. Search engines such as Google and Bing rank content according to a variety of ranking factors. These include how visible or popular the URL is.

This is precisely where social signals are important. Search engines can tell if a post is popular by sharing it, liking it, and getting many views.

Your SEO and search engine result page (SERP), ranking can be affected by the indirect effects of increased website traffic, backlinks and visibility of social media posts with high engagement.

Google and Twitter have a partnership to highlight the importance of visibility and social engagement in ranking factors and SEO. This partnership was formed in 2015. It focuses on social search and how social media followers can increase the content's value and relevance....

therefore increasing visibility and awareness. This tells search engines that the content has been updated, relevant, high-quality and important, which ultimately improves SEO and search rankings. 

Here's What the Inside of Your Prospect's Brain Looks Like

When your mother gave birth to you, on that day your brain was programmed biologically with Eight pre-installed desires. You will work tirelessly to please and survive. These eight powerful desires are controlling you, your prospects and customers, no matter where you're from or where you live.

You were born with these eight primary desires:

    • Survival, enjoyment of life, life extension
    • Enjoyment of food and beverages
    • Freedom from fear, pain, and danger
    • Sexual companionship
    • Comfortable living conditions
    • To be superior, to win, to keep up with the Joneses
    • Care and protection of loved ones
    • Social approval

The Psychology of Credibility Transfer

This is what consumer psychology is about: removing mental barriers that prevent people from participating. Participation is when your prospects exchange their money for your Outdoor Construction Stuff. 

Why You Want to Work With Us...

We provide a turnkey solution to your Outdoor Construction Marketing... 
Not Found Anywhere Else
Position Your Construction Company
 as the Authority 
for the Future, 
Because we live in Uncertain Times 
and the Tire Kickers 
on the Fence 
will Become Outdoor Construction  Buyers 
in the Months Ahead.
♠ No one does what we do. 
♠ What we do is not easy... and takes time & money to produce.
♠ What we do is half science and half art.

♠ We use proprietary software and processes....all "white hat".
♠ Our web properties are engineered from the inside out to rank on page     one of Google, Bing and Yahoo.
♠ The goal is to REPLACE all the search results on page one with YOUR assets. Can we do this? Sometimes. Many times we get 40-60%. It will always vary because Google changes things up frequently. However you will still dominate many, many page results. This creates Trust and Credibility because you are found almost everywhere.

*We can't dominate for all keywords, however we strive to dominate for many buyer intent keywords.

♠ You get multiple websites (8 webpages) with your name, phone, address, and link to  your  existing webpage.
♠  You get Videos, Live event video thumbnails, Press Releases to over 200 news outlets.
♠  You get a Press Release Page on your main website showing you are in the news.
♠ We create & provide Social Signals to your web properties. 
♠ We will add your name and phone number to 8  (eight) webpages that are ranking in Google.

♠ All web properties already exist...or we will create it for you.
♠ We Guarantee a presence on page one or two of Google for buyer intent keywords.

♠There is one embarrassing aspect to what we do. We don't control Google, however we can Seduce and Massage it. Sometimes the "Google Dance" plays out. Here's what happens (not always)....Your new Video or Website ranks on page one. Then suddenly it disappears. For no rhyme or reason. Usually it comes back in a few days or a week or so...and ranks even higher than before, and has more "staying power". This is perfectly normal. If it never comes back, we just create another digital asset and we are back up and running in no time. This is one reason we create multiple websites and videos. If you have one asset that is "dancing" the others are not. We are just a little embarrassed by this and wanted you to know.
♠One other slightly embarrassing thing about us is that I'm very busy and sometimes it takes me several hours to return a phone call. If I don't answer right away, I might be away from my desk or out of town. Just leave me a message and I will return your call ASAP. I strive to return calls within 24hours.

♠ 6 month or annual lease available. Monthly lease is available however there is a setup fee if you want to do a monthly or 6 month lease. No setup fee for annual.
♠ 20% Discount on all additional Markets,  if you want to dominate more than one market (city) or more than one niche. All must be leased and paid for in advance at the same time. 6 month or one year lease only.
♠ Exclusive, one © Buyer Acquisition System In your niche) in each city.
♠ 12 years creating, producing, publishing websites and videos      commercially. We built our first website in 1997 with Microsoft FrontPage 97.
♠We monitor, update, & add assets as needed to keep your name in front     of buyer intent online outdoor construction searches.

We have IT, Video, Graphic Design, Research & Development Support Companies in The UK, Canada, California, Colorado, Texas and More. 
♠ We value your business and strive to keep you as a long term client. 
♠ As our client, you will enjoy more Trust, more Credibility, more Security, more Online Exposure/Presence, more Buyer Intent Leads, and more Outdoor Construction Installer Peer Envy (which would give you an inner sense of self gratification, assuming you like being #1 online and getting more market share).

♠In addition to flooding the online search results with your Name and Number, all your new websites and videos work hard to appeal to your prospects Right Brain Emotional Thinking. It's the number one driver of all purchases.
♠Each one of your new digital assets you are leasing from us is an Emotion Generator pointing folks to your Name and Number. All looking to book an appointment with you to learn more about Your Outdoor Construction Niche. All roads lead to You.

♠ If you don't do business with us, your competitor will, and you
  don't want to lose market share going up against what we can    produce.

We only want Happy Customers.
 "Quality Work at a Reasonable Price"...
since our first webpage in 1997 with Microsoft FrontPage 97

A Satisfied Customer says..."I'm Satisfied, here is your check". 

A Happy Customer says: "I'm Happy with what you did for me. I will tell my friends, my neighbors, my church friends, my family and anybody that will Roy Wingate if you need his type of help".


$ 1,000 Referral fee to you when your friend in business or colleague uses our services to build out digital assets for their company in their niche ….. We will build a program outside the construction niche if we think we can help them. The Health/Medical digital assets are more expensive, however we will consider each Health/Medical client on a case by case basis.


1. Outdoor Construction
2. Water Damage
3. Pest Control
4. Fire Damage
5. Mold Removal
6. Plumbing / Emergency 24 hr
7. Bathroom Renovation
8. Kitchen Renovation
9. Tree Trim / Remove
10. Solar Power Installers
11. Electrical Contractors
12. House Painting

13. Home Remodeling / Additions
14. Home Theater
15. Roofing
16. HVAC Heating & Air Conditioning Contractors
17. Real Estate
18. Moving (Residential / Commercial / Pianos)
19. Drywall / Sheetrock/ Carpentry
20. Garage Doors / Overhead Doors
21. Flooring
22. Outdoor Kitchens / Appliances
23. Outdoor Fireplaces

24. Swimming Pools
25. Pergolas
26. Decks and Patios
27. Fence / Gates….Cedar and Iron
28. Landscaping….     Fire Pits, Paver Patios, Walks, and Driveways, Retaining Walls, Decorative Concrete, Artificial Turf, Grading, Excavation, Landscape Design, Mulch Spreading, Hedge Trimming Service, Landscape Installation, Sod Installation, Landscape Lighting, Sprinkler Systems, Landscape Makeovers and Renovations, Masonry
29. Hardscape / Masonry
30. Gazebos
31. Hot Tubs and Spas
32. Decorative Walls

Health & Medical

33. Cosmetic Dentistry
34. Chiropractor
35. Cosmetic Enhancement
36. Liposuction 
37. Rhinoplasty
38. Breast Enhancement
39. Tattoo Removal
40. Veterinarian
41. Hair Loss Treatment
42. Addiction Recovery / Treatments 

WARNING Build your Brand with US... or your Competitor will...
                                        We offered the © Buyer Acquisition System to all the Outdoor Construction Installer Companies (in your niche) in your area. 

Contact us immediately if you are interested in taking over these assets. 
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We only have one spot available (in your niche) in your city.

Now, let this all sink in for a moment...

We will put your entire website on top of one of our first page search results.

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Map data ©2022


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We normally only work with clients with annual revenues of $2M or more. However, we would consider working with a smaller revenue client (even a start-up) if it was mutually beneficial.

Serving Major Metropolitan Areas Nationwide since 2009

We have served these major cities and their surrounding areas:
Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Atlanta, Kansas City, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Miami, Long Beach, Virginia Beach, Oakland, Tulsa, Tampa, Arlington… and More.

We have IT, Video, Graphic Design, Research & Development Support Companies in The UK, Canada, California, Colorado, Texas and More. We spent 10s of thousands of dollars on Research and Development for our proprietary  © Buyer Acquisition System  ©x7 Mirror System