How you Differentiate yourself in the Mind of your prospect...

Positioning is what you do To the mind of the prospect. 
That is, "you position your outdoor construction product in the mind of the prospect.” 
Positioning is about creating perceptions, opinions and attitudes, 
in the minds of customers, associated with your Outdoor Construction Company Brand. Our "Unique Mechanism" is what does this.

The "Unique Mechanism" is the PROCESS 
that delivers the result you want in your Outdoor Construction Business....which is More Exposure and Buyer Intent Folks to Talk to.

From Roy Wingate
Odessa, Texas
"We can Help Remove the Pain & Frustration of Not Getting 
Enough Exposure and New Customers for Your 
Outdoor Construction Business"

This is not about me/us, it's about you. However, I want to give you a little information about us.

I was in the construction business for 50 years so I understand it quite well. Digital marketing is just like other conventional construction businesses.... however the building material is digital... and you have to understand copywriting, video, Google seduction, IT, website design, technical support, and more.
I built my first website with Microsoft FrontPage 97....way back in 1997.  A lot has changed since then. We learned a lot through the years, spending tens of thousands of dollars on marketing courses, copywriting courses, sales video creation courses, many many softwares, and out of town conferences.

Trial and error was the order of the day. We failed many times. Failure sends us back to the drawing board where we figure out how to make stuff work (or work better). We learned so much from our failures....I think we may plan to fail some more....Not really.... just kidding.

We can't control Google, however we learned how to manipulate and massage Google to see our way of doing things. What we do is not easy. It took many years to learn and master.

You do not have to invest years to master all the puzzle pieces. We already did that for you...and we have the puzzle BOXTOP to show us where every piece goes. Additionally, there are many moving parts to what we do. It's kind of like your don't need to know HOW every little mechanical thing works, you just need to know how to drive it.

You need to spend your time actually selling your Outdoor Construction Project and Installing it....not fooling with the Marketing end of it. All you care about is getting exposure for your business to qualified, Buyer Intent prospects, wouldn't you agree?

Dig your own Well....

We want you to prosper...

Stop relying on door knocking, flyers, and cheap purchased leads that somehow don't seem to pan out very well and usually waste a lot of time and resources.

Dig your own Well...

Let us help you with your marketing efforts, that way you focus on what makes the money.

We use our own Proprietary Secret Sauce... the

© Buyer Acquisition System
© x7 Mirror System 

"Differentiation is one of the most important Strategic and Tactical activities in which companies must constantly engage. It is not discretionary."

Theodore Levitt, Harvard Business School Professor

Could This Be The
Easiest Way On Earth 

To Make Your Outdoor Construction Marketing Generate 

More Online TRUST, New Clients and Build Your Brand?

This Same Tweak 
Seems To Be Generating
An Immediate Spike 
of New Buyer Intent Leads
For Almost Every 
Outdoor Construction Expert Who Tries it....


This is the Reason Why This is Considered 

We don't do "empty promises"

Roy Wingate does TURN-KEY results. And there is never any deal to be made without demonstrable proof. See our PROOF PAGES  on this website.
In other words, if we can't show you EVIDENCE  (That You Can Measure) that you can get in front of high-value prospects, then no one can!
Simple as that.


Want to get in front of more Outdoor Construction  leads? No problem. Let us help you with an "off-the-shelf" solution that is ready to send targeted prospects to you.


Our turn-key leadgen Outdoor Construction  assets are positioned to prospects  who are URGENTLY ready to make a buying decision.


Unlike other services you may have worked with, our assets are 100% exclusive to one Specific Outdoor Construction  Company Niche per city. 

Since you're in a Saturated, packed Outdoor Construction market...You Must Get Attention and Stand Out...
...this could be a bonified game-changer for you.

With it, you may quickly become an envied authority in your marketplace...

Someone who others talk about as having "impressive expertise"...

With such marketplace recognition and status, you're one of the rare experts enjoying...

A Steady Flow Of
High-Quality New Clients
To Choose From...


Because this strategy I'm going to tell you about is working right now -- in some of the most competitive marketplaces -- to bring in premium buyer intent leads every day for ordinary experts...

Even for those who have Mediocre Marketing and No Industry Credibility, and/or Little to No On-line Exposure, yet are now seeing absolutely astonishing business growth.

Sound Interesting?

If so, you're about to understand why...

In the next 27 hours alone this one "marketing tweak" can bring you more exposure and highly targeted prospects (not tire kickers)...followed by even more highly targeted prospects to talk to...

Prospects See You as the 
Clear TRUSTED  Choice 
in Your Marketplace

And, in minutes you can apply this tweak to any of your marketing campaigns...

Without changing any other piece or part of your marketing...

✨ Proves to prospects why they should "do business" with you...and it Proves why you are the superior choice over every other option they have.

You can start using this evergreen strategy TODAY to start lowering the cost of generating new sales and making those new sales more profitable to you.

And this strategy---what you are about to see--is working in many of the most saturated markets right now.

So no matter what market (city) you want to become successful and known within, this will work for you.

It's been producing a large influx of new buyer intent leads for experts with average to below-average marketing campaigns.

So even if you don't have "high-level marketing chops", you can still use this to see consistent buyer intent leads coming into your Outdoor Construction Company.

What I am talking about is
The Propriety System / Formula we developed over the last 10 years...

© Buyer Acquisition System...

Superior-Irristable-No Brainer

It's a very different way of presenting Digital Properties around your expertise...

...which makes it immediately apparent to prospects that they would be foolish to pass-up  your Outdoor Construction Company.

Simply put, it's a...

It's a different way of engineering your Construction Marketing...

It's a different way of presenting your Construction Marketing...

and without question, it's...

The Easiest way on Earth To
Make Your Marketing Generate
More Trust, Exposure, Get More Credibility,
Sales and New Buyers

Our propriety software, tools, and methods guarantee this....

Yes, you heard that right, we Guarantee it. 

Continue to read all the way to the bottom for Proof of what we have done in different Cities and a Special Offer....

Your Bottom Line, as we understand it is...

You Just Want a Better Future for Your Business 
and Your Family

This is our Promise to You....We will be able to help you get there quicker because we...

1. Create & Rank Multiple Websites with Your Name on Them
2. Create & Rank Multiple Live Events and Videos
3. Use Multiple Buyer Intent Keywords

4. Create Press Releases With Your Name on Them

To Dominate your specific Outdoor Construction Online Search Results.


We Will Seduce Google For You

We Don't Want You to Struggle Anymore

"We Want You to Get Results Right Now"
A New Proprietary Way For You To Get Results 
Faster Than Ever Before

 "Roy Wingate Business Consultants are the Best. No nonsense here. Just as easy as turning a key and going..." 

Mike Kobe

 "Thank You for your  marketing help. You guys Rock!" 

Jason Pinkerton

 "No more spending insane amounts on PPC ads is pretty awesome..."

Rusty Martin

Lock arms with us so
 you can get the
biggest piece of your
Specific Outdoor Construction Pie
in your city...

We service the following Outdoor Construction niches :
1. Solar Installers
2. Swimming Pool Installers...Above Ground and Inground
3. Roof Installers
4. Pergola Installers
5. Deck Installers
6. Patio Installers
7. Fence & Gate ... Cedar and Iron Installers
8. Outdoor Kitchen and Appliance Installers
9. Landscape Installers... Fire pits, Paver patios, walks, and driveways, Retaining walls, Decorative concrete, Artificial Turf, Grading, Excavation, Landscape Design, Mulch Spreading, Hedge trimming service, Landscape Installation, Sod Installation, Landscape Lighting, Sprinkler Systems, Landscape
10. Outdoor Fireplace Installers
11. Hardscape / Masonry / Firepit / Walkway  Installers
12.  Decorative Wall Installers
13. Hot Tubs and Spa Installers
14. Gazebo Installers
15. Kitchen Remodelers
16. Bathroom Remodelers
17. Home Remodelers

in You and the
Rest of the Outdoor Construction Pack....
You Have the
© Buyer Acquisition System 

It's almost like KFC's Secrete Recipe of 11 Herbs and's that special. My Team and I developed this "System" over the last 10 years.

Through this System your prospect begins to feel comfortable with you. This comfort leads to greater trust, which opens the door to the sale.

Remember:   the aim of all advertising is to create marginal differences in consumer attitudes and perceptions. Through repetition, (just like Walmart, Coke, Jake from Statefarm, the Geicko...15 minutes could save you 15%  and many more....they advertise everywhere, all the time)....

These small differences can build into larger differences, and can often tip the balance in favor of your Construction Company advertised brand. Using our "System", you will build brand familiarity (which you must have to grow your business quickly).

This is a simple way to extend the life span of an effective message or slogan. It touches on what's called multiple sources and arguments . Simply put, the more different sources that expose your Construction Company to the same message, the more convinced the prospect will become.

Using slightly different versions of this argument, chances are it'll have a serious impact on their belief system, and they are much more likely to adopt the idea of contacting your Construction Company for more information on how you can help them get your product.

We use The Psychology of Simplicity. Fact: The goal of digital advertising is to get people to act. We write so people can understand. We write to the chimpanzee brain. Simply. Directly.

Just because you're running an ad in a newspaper or magazine, or your website is online, doesn't mean you're communicating effectively. You are advertising. I'll give you that. But until someone reads and understands it, you're just talking to yourself. And you don't need to spend a penny to do that. (I talk to myself quite often, so I know.)

Most Construction Websites look and feel like all the other Construction Websites in town. Just an online catalog. Looks the same, smells the same.

We create assets that rank and point folks to your current Business Address, Website, and Phone.

They are a warm as a KFC biscuit by the time you actually talk to them.

And the Best Part...

You don't have to do anything except work with us...assuming we are a good match.

See for your self how well our ©Buyer Acquisition System
works on the Proof Pages in this website.
✨Also...Once we publish our work and offer it to Outdoor Construction Companies like yours, our digital assets are claimed almost immediately.

You don't want your Competitor to get a hold of this and leave you in the digital dust. Just something to keep in mind.

I am not going to sell you anything. The Proof Pages in this website show the benefits of working with us.

I am not even asking for a phone number. Call me after you review our Info Pack.

Fill out the form below and we will send you additional details. Take a look and call me at your convenience
if you think we are a good fit.

Roy Wingate Sr 

♥️Check out the Proof Pages of our Outdoor Construction Properties Ranking in Google and our Trust Multiplier 

WARNING Build your Brand with US... or your Competitor will...

                                        We offered the ©Buyer Acquisition System to all the Outdoor Construction Companies 
(in specific niches Pool, Solar, Outdoor Kitchens etc) in your area. 

Contact us immediately if you are interested in taking over these assets. 
It's Quick and Easy...
Just Give Us Your Name and Best Email for info.

We only have one spot (In your Niche) available in your city.

Now, let this all sink in for a moment...

We will put your entire website on top of one of our first page search results.

For a Free Demonstration of the x7 Mirror System... give us your website URL address and a phone number to call and tell you where to look to see it for yourself.

Fill out the form below, submit it and request a free demonstration. Easy as that. We need a good phone number.

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We normally only work with clients with annual revenues of $2M or more. However, we would consider working with a smaller revenue client (even a start-up) if it was mutually beneficial.

Serving Major Metropolitan Areas Nationwide since 2009

We have served these major cities and their surrounding areas:
Houston, Phoenix, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, El Paso, Oklahoma City, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Atlanta, Kansas City, Colorado Springs, Omaha, Miami, Long Beach, Virginia Beach, Oakland, Tulsa, Tampa, Arlington… and More.

We have IT, Video, Graphic Design, Research & Development Support Companies in The UK, Canada, California, Colorado, Texas and More. We spent 10s of thousands of dollars 
Research and Development for our proprietary  
© Buyer Acquisition System
© x7 Mirror System