Your Customers are Trying to Find You......  "If You Can't be Found in 3 Seconds.............. You Don't Exist"

If you are looking to get in front of the right Plumbing leads at the right time,
you are definitely in the right place - right now!

When it comes to getting maximum exposure for your Plumbing business, you don't want to be doing SEO.
Why would you? Instead - why not get in front of your perfect leads with a turn-key solution?

We are Entrepreneurs at Heart

When your "Perfect Client" seeks out the THE EXPERT in the 24 hr Emergency Plumbing space, WHO do you want them to see? You or your competitor Plumbing Company?

Your Customers are Trying to Find You......  "If You Can't be Found in 3 Seconds.............. You Don't Exist"


We are a little different...

Have you found it just a little bit frustrating to work with traditional marketing agencies? We get it.

You want to run your business and not have to deal with empty promises handed out by "SEO" or marketing experts.

That is exactly why we don't bother you with the technical mumbo jumbo. Instead, we simply offer turn-key/pre-ranked assets - already in front of valuable targeted prospects that you get to use to your benefit.

In fact, if you qualify and your location is available - we recommend that you lock it down before your competition does...

Targeted Visibility gets Targeted Leads.

You need one to get the other. Classic Chicken and Egg case. And that's why our Street Credibility Bundle is so Powerful. It's not about volume of leads. It is really about maximizing your online exposure to highly targeted "Perfect Clients"

Here's a question or two for ya ....

When your "Perfect Client" is looking for a "24 hr Emergency Plumber"..... she does a Google search [and if you are on the first page with multiple web properties (website, video, pdf s)]

would you have a better chance of getting the call than the other guys? 

How powerful would it be if your web properties are ON many different pages for DIFFERENT KEYWORDS? 

.........Make Sense? 
.........Would you like this Competitive Advantage
for your Plumbing Company? 

...........Or pass it to someone else?

       How Much $ is Your Average Emergency Service Call Worth?
                $200-300 per Hour? With a Two Hour Minimum?

                          GET YOUR UNFAIR ADVANTAGE

If you want to lock in your turn-key / pre-built lead generating asset, 
you should get in touch ASAP...


We don't do "empty promises"

We do TURN-KEY results. And there is never any deal to be made without demonstrable proof.
In other words, if we can't show you evidence that you can get in front of high-value prospects, then no one can!
Simple as that.

Your Customers are Trying to Find You......  "If You Can't be Found in 3 Seconds.............. You Don't Exist"


Want to get in front of more leads? No problem. Let us help you with an "off-the-shelf" solution that is ready to send targeted prospects to you.


Our turn-key leadgen assets are positioned to prospects  who are URGENTLY ready to make a buying decision.


Unlike other services you may have worked with, our assets are 100% exclusive to one business per category and location. 

 "No nonsense here. Just as easy as turning a key and going...Thank you Roy Wingate"

Jason J
Business Owner West Virginia

 "Getting in front of the right Plumbing leads at the right time is a HUGE deal!" 

Mike S
Business Owner California

 "No more spending insane amounts on PPC ads is pretty awesome....I am a Happy "

Jack M
Business Owner Oregon


If you want an unfair advantage - FAST...



1. A Satisfied Customer says "I am satisfied with your products/ is your payment".

2. A  HAPPY Customer says "I am HAPPY with your products and service, I will tell my friends, my neighbors, my relatives, my church friends, my business associates and anyone that will listen....."If you need business marketing, contact Roy Wingate with Roy Wingate Business Consultants.....they will take care of you".

I have been in Business for 45 years and strive to only have HAPPY Customers.
Roy Wingate & Family


Check this out....If I can hand this ....... 
and dozens more like this>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

over to you....

would you want it 
before your competitors get it?

If you want to take it over,
use the form below

to let us know.

Contact Us Today Before Your Competitor Plumbing Company Does

We are actively looking for a local plumbing company to take over these high value web properties. Full details of how we can help you will be sent shortly. If you are interested, let us know. We have contacted several other plumbing companies in your town. The first plumbing company who wants to work with us, gets the deal. You will have instant authority because you can be found for many, many buyer intent keywords. You will be found everywhere. You can't get the money unless you get the call. The worse thing that could happen is your competitor plumbing company takes over these web properties and leaves you out in the cold. Contact us today.

Plumbing customers are high dollar and the lifetime value from a happy new customer can be huge......Let us help you get more exposure which = more customers. 

One final much money will you lose if you pass up taking over these valuable web assets, and your competitor plumbing company takes them over ?

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Roy A. Wingate and Roy Gordon Wingate II

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